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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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Gain Control (mono)

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This plugin provides a single audio input pin and a single audio output pin:


It allows the gain of a mono audio signal to be adjusted. Clicking on the Mute button or setting the Volume slider to 0 causes the plugin to be muted (not bypassed). Click here for more information about the difference between muting and bypassing a plugin.

Gain Control parameters

Besides the common parameters Bypass Plugin and Open/Close Plugin Editor, the following parameters for the Gain Control plugin are available:

Gain - allows you to control the gain.

Muted - mutes or unmutes this plugin block.

Magnitude - the magnitude parameter is used for level metering. Metering can be very helpful to verify proper gain structure and ensure that a signal is not being overloaded and distorted.  

The meter widgets provided by Gig Performer (available in both vertical and horizontal configurations) give you the ability to visually monitor levels at any point in the signal chain.