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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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Gain and Balance Control

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This plugin provides stereo audio input pins and stereo audio output pins:


It allows the gain and Left/Right balance of a stereo audio signal to be adjusted. Clicking on the Mute button or setting the Volume slider to 0 causes the plugin to be muted (not bypassed). Click here for more information on the difference between muting and bypassing a plugin.

Gain and Balance Control parameters

Besides the common parameters Bypass Plugin and Open/Close Plugin Editor, the following parameters are provided for the Gain and Balance Control plugin:

Gain - allows you to control the gain.

Balance - allows you to control balance (left-right).

Channel # Magnitude - magnitude parameters are used for level metering. Metering can be very helpful to verify proper gain structure and ensure that a signal is not being overloaded and distorted.

Muted - mutes or unmutes this plugin block.