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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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Many music professionals worldwide rely on Gig Performer as their audio plugin host of choice for live performance. The official community for Gig Performer users is located at:

We encourage you to join our growing community and share your experiences with the best Gig Performer experts. Besides community moderators and our active members, Gig Performer developers are actively engaged in the community discussions as well. If you have a problem with Gig Performer, your audio setup, or just need some advice - no problem: many gigging musicians with ton of live performing experience will try help you, suggesting tips or possible solutions:


The Community is organized and split into different categories; whether you want to e.g. discuss Gig Performer on Windows or MacOS, plugins, hardware, OSC or customizing your setup using scripts, simply select the corresponding category and open a new thread. If you want to find a specific issue i.e. "virtual audio ports latency", use the integrated search option.

Save your time, learn the best practices, and share your experiences with us at