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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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A word from the Gig Performer creators

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Since the very first release of Gig Performer® in 2016 we have tried to stay true to the main goals we set for ourselves before we wrote a single line of code. Those goals included stability, flexibility, performance, powerful features and ease of use for musicians, including ourselves, rather than for technicians.

We wanted to be able to create our "sounds" without having to be distracted by having to figure out routings, buses, inserts, sends and other constrains imposed by a channel strip paradigm. That drove our decision to use a visual metaphor for connecting plugins together.

We wanted to be able to get up on stage and not be stressed out by whether pushing a certain button or turning a knob would crash the system.

We wanted to make sure Gig Performer was suitable for all kinds of musicians, and not biased towards keyboard players.

David is primarily a keyboard player and Nebojsa is primarily a guitarist. This allowed for two very different perspectives on how a plugin host out to work so as to meet such disparate needs. The combined requirements resulted in a system that can be used by almost any kind of musician who wants to work with technology.

We feel that we have managed to stay true to these goals in Gig Performer 4 while providing numerous new and important features. It has been two years since we've had a major release of Gig Performer® and this, our fourth iteration, is packed with new functionality and powerful improvements on all fronts.

As touring musicians, we have a deep understanding of what it means to go on stage and perform in front of a live audience. We have tried to make Gig Performer® be transparent and invisible in your performance. In the end – it all comes down to your artistic skills and expressions and the technology around it is simply a tool that allows you to express yourself. We know deeply that on stage everything just “has to work”.

We are confident that you will Own the Stage® with Gig Performer 4.

We could not have done this without our awesome beta group. You may recognize some of these names / handles from our forums.

@pianopaul – Thaddäus: There's no way we could have found some of the bugs you did.

@schamass – Erik: Nothing really escapes your watchful eye.

@rank13 – Kieran: Thank you for all the user interface improvements.

@David-san – David: Thank you for suggesting things and always pushing back when needed.

@keyman – Antonio: There's no way we could have moved forward so fast without your input.

@jazzundso – Lukas: Thanks for your brilliant insights.

@jpt – John: Thank you for all your contributions.

@speed12 – Mark: You've been helping us for a long time. Thanks for your support.

@simon – Simon: Always great feedback.

@LeeHarvey – Markus: Thanks for your honest and direct comments.

@tonycore – Tony: Thanks for all your efforts in bringing people aware of GP.

@brandon : Great insights.

@elucid – Chris: Thanks for testing!

@chris_g – Chris: Thank you for the great templates.

@KCummings – Keith: Nice templates – thanks!

Rob Neal: Thank you for a wonderful design of a sustain pedal in GP4

David Jameson & Nebojsa Djogo,
Co-founders, Deskew Technologies, LLC.