Gig Performer | The upgrade has been aborted – cannot update Gig Performer
Gig Performer is a cross-platform (Mac/Windows) audio plugin host for both live performance and session musicians (keyboard players, guitarists, singers, drummers) looking for an intuitive fast and flexible VST/AU plugin hosting environment for their software synths and effects.
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The upgrade has been aborted – cannot update Gig Performer

The upgrade has been aborted – cannot update Gig Performer

If you have been prompted that an update/upgrade is available but the update fails to install, then there is a permissions problem on your computer which is preventing the program from being updated. You have two options:

  1. Simply download the latest installer directly from our website and just install the way you installed the original version
  2. Correct the permissions on your computer to allow the Gig Performer updater to work

If you choose the latter, here is what you need to do

  1. Open a terminal window. The terminal program can be found in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder or you can just type terminal into Spotlight to find/open it
  2. When the terminal window opens, type the following text into it (it’s probably easier to just copy the text here and paste it)
    sudo chmod -R a+x /Applications/
    and then press ENTER.
  3. You will be prompted for your password. Type it in carefully, noting that you will not see any characters as you type
  4. Press ENTER. If you did everything properly then you should just get a new prompt, without any error messages

You’re good to go – next time you are prompted to install an update, it should just work.

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