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Purchase your Gig Performer™ 2 license

Our licensing model is extremely straight forward.  Your GP2 license will NEVER expire.

  • Gig Performer™ for OS X

  • USD149.00
  • (requires OS X 10.9 or newer)

Gig Performer™ bundle for OS X + Windows
  • Gig Performer™ bundle for OS X + Windows (save $100)

  • USD199.00
  • +

    (requires OSX 10.9+/Windows 7+ 64bit)

  • Gig Performer™ for Windows

  • USD149.00
  • (requires Windows 7 or newer – 64bit)

Each license allows you to install Gig Performer™ on two computers with the same OS simultaneously.

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Upgrading from Gig Performer V1?

Gig Performer™ 2 requires a new license code. Your Gig Performer 1 license code will not work. If you purchased Gig Performer 1 on or after August 1st, 2017, you are eligible for a free upgrade license. The upgrade fee for users who purchased Gig Performer 1 before August, 2017 is $39

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