Gig Performer vs. MainStage vs. Cantabile

How Does Gig Performer™ Compare?

Here’s a simple breakdown.



Patch persist

Splits and layers

MIDI filtering

Built-in metronome

Audio file player

Plugin parameter learning

Instant Switching Between Patches

MIDI monitor

Supported Platforms

Host VST2, AU and VST3 Plug-ins

OSC Support

Dynamic Plugin Loading

CPU Usage (4 Instances of Omnisphere® on Comparable Systems)

Visual Control Scaling Display

Plug-in Search

Plug-in Connection

Plug-in Effects Routing

Visual Custom Control Support (Widgets) Per Setup

Scripting support

Rig Management (multiple configuration support)

Record Audio Inputs to Wave Files


Multiple Simultaneous Launches

Visual Custom Control Support (Widget) groups

Includes Audio Mixer Plugin

Built-in guitar tuner

Includes instrument plugins

Gig Performer™


Global and local

OS X 10.9 or newer

Windows 7 or newer


Quick find filter

Visual patch cables

Visual patch cables




OS X only (10.11 or newer)

AU only


Menu selection 

Channel strip

Mixer interface with aux buses 

Limited support

Limited support

Cantabile Performer (Pro)


Windows only (7 or newer)

VST2 only

Limited support


Quick find filter

List style routing

List style routing

Limited support

Yes. (No support for individual control aliasing)

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