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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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What is Gig Performer?

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Gig Performer is an audio plugin host that provides the most flexible experience for your stage or session performance. As we stated in the previous section, the secret behind its robustness lies in the very finest blend of programming and musical experience: Gig Performer was developed by people who are both software developers and serious touring musicians. Advanced optimization techniques and heavy stress tests address the requirement for Gig Performer to run reliably on stage and using as few CPU cycles as possible.

Many well-known music professionals worldwide rely on Gig Performer as their audio plugin host of choice for live performance.

Gig Performer's innovative approach and focus on usability is paired with an intuitive rack design, called a Rackspace, and transforms your plugins into the most powerful, yet user-friendly live music software system.





Connect your plugins together any way you wish without the need to create channel strips, busses, sends and inserts.

The impressive list of cutting edge features make Gig Performer stand out compared to other audio plugin hosts. For example, the Predictive loading™ feature enables you to intelligently load parts of your show, instead of loading your entire show, so you can still switch instantaneously to the next Rackspace or  Song in your setlist. This feature significantly reduces both your RAM and CPU usage so you can perform confidently even with a very old laptop.

The extensive OSC implementation in Gig Performer allows you to control your show from a mobile phone, iPad, Android tablet, or even from a Web browser.

As a software product created by musicians, for musicians, new updates and features are implemented often in Gig Performer.

You can download a free, fully functional 14-day trial of this plugin host that truly addresses the needs of live performers.