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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

Other major new features that were added to Gig Performer 4 are:

Gig file Templates,

Many work-flow and usability enhancements,

External API for controlling Gig Performer with 3rd party hardware.


Other notable updates:

Basic Undo facility

oWorks for widget movement, widget resizing and widget caption resizing

oScaling curve can be undone

oRandomize parameters operation in the Probabilistic Sound Designer can be undone

Separate controls for input muting and output fading (audio tails)

Manual MIDI learn editor

MIDI In block

oSupports transpose range from -127 to 127 (NB this is a breaking change if you had a widget controlling the MIDI In Transpose parameter in an earlier version of Gig Performer)

oMIDI In blocks can now ignore the global transpose value (useful for drum parts and triggering samples)

oMIDI In blocks can now receive MIDI from other plugins that can create MIDI events (such as 3rd party arpeggiators, chord generators and the new Scriptlet plugin)

oSysEx (System Exclusive) support

The Quick Plugin Finder now includes manufacturer names and searching works with multiple substrings

There is now a Quick Plugin Replacer

There is also a Quick Plugin Parameter finder

The metronome now respects the denominator value in a time signature

The number of input and output pins can now be defined for individual plugins

Bank switching values are now defined using the more convention MSB and LSB values instead of a single combined value

The MIDI Out block now supports Cakewalk Instrument Definition Files

GPScript language enhancements

oSong-level scripts

oGig-level script

Redirect incoming MIDI to other devices

Define your own keyboard shortcuts

oMany new system functions

Note: click on this link to see Gig Performer release notes for the latest improvements and fixes.