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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

Gig Performer 4 introduces new bundled plugins that allow you to create the most sophisticated setups for your live performance:


1.  Audio Mixer (20ch)
2.  Audio Mixer (24ch)
3.  To Global Rackspace
4.  From Global Rackspace
5.  MIDI In (Local GP Port)
6.  MIDI Out (OSC)
7.  MIDI Channel Constrainer
8.  Scriptlet
9.  MIDI File Player
10. System Actions
11. Comment
12. Audio Mixer (32ch)

Refer to the Built-in plugins chapter for more information.

There are two additional plugin blocks present only in the Global rackspace and which cannot be removed: From Rackspaces and To Rackspaces.

Visit the Inserting and Wiring your plugins chapter to learn how to insert and connect your plugins.