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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

From Global Rackspace is used to receive audio signals from the Global rackspace to regular rackspaces for additional processing. By default, this plugin provides four output pins:


Double-clicking this plugin opens its edit window where the number of channels can be selected. You can select up to 64 channels for this plugin.

Important note: changing the number of channels will update all the global plugin blocks in all rackspaces. Affected plugins are:

- To Global Rackspace
- From Global Rackspace
- From Rackspaces
- To Rackspaces

From Rackspaces and To Rackspaces plugins are present in the Global rackspace only, and will be addressed separately since they are not the part of the Global Processing plugins' group.


The From Global Rackspace plugin provides 128 available and initially empty slots; to occupy a specific slot you have to set the Global Parameter Assignment in the Widget Properties inspector for a global widget. Refer to this chapter to learn more.